Getting The Perfect Edge

Someone asked me how many times my edges are filed and coated.

Ans: My edges go through a lot of filing and coating and filing and coating before I'm finally satisfied...then I file and coat one last time lol. See pictures of before and after below;

The first 2 images shows Missy wallet right after it's completed but before filing. The 3rd is the wallet after a number of filings. Now I can't say how many times I file a project before its OK... because different leathers react differently to the edge coat and filing. So I file until I'm satisfied and by 'satisfied' I mean until it's smooth and even to touch.

What do I use to file?
Ans: Sandpaper or glass paper. Sold in most hardware stores. Check the hardware section at Shoprite also. They come in different grades of smoothness from very rough to very smooth, depending on the thickness of my leather I usually start with mid rough and finish with the smooth (hope this makes sense) It's a lot of hard work if you want a perfect smooth finish but then we all know that nothing good comes easy ba 😆😆

Gotta run. Will post complete pictures of the Missy wallet soon. Thank you so much for stopping by and my your reality be much better than your dreams 😉


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