Slobo Bag: New Bag Alert!

Slobo Bag; A cross between a Slouchy and a Hobo bag.

A cross between a Slouchy bag and a Hobo bag. For a while now, I've been trying to make the perfect GN slouchy bag, after a series of sketches, prototypes, more sketches and more prototypes I finally got the desired shape that I was satisfied with. The thing about a slouchy bag for me is that it must have the right amount of "Slouch" not just a boat shaped bag with handle, I wanted something with depth so that it is slouchy when carried but will also sit properly and not loose it's "slouchyness"... you get me? 

This is a working prototype but variations of it will be available for purchase soon. Are you into slouchy bags? Please let me know what you make of this our new Slobo bag.

Thank you so much for stopping by and it's 4 days to Christmas yaaaay!!! 

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