New look Slobo Bag in 3D

Slobo Bag; A cross between a slouchy bag and a hobo bag.

As it's always the case here at Gidan Nodza, when a bag is made for the first time chances are that the first bag will be the only one of its kind because the design will be tweaked or modified in some way. The first complete piece is usually a working prototype which I end up using myself or I give away, sometimes the giveaway is publicly made and most times it is made under the table lol. After making the first Slobo bag here and feeling so excited that I had conquered my fear of making slouchy bags I knew that the design was going to change drastically. I wasn't aii with the positioning of the handle, didn't like the way the bottom looked when in use because items in the bag tended to gather at the bottom centre, I didn't... well lets just say that generally when my eyes cleared I was able to look at the bag critically and tell myself what will work and what wouldn't wise. The result of that critical eye balling is this version of the Slobo bag, I love this "new improved version" and hope know that it's here to stay but then thats just me. Pray tell, which version is your fave? This new look or the first attempt because I know that I can criticise, tweak and change all I want but like they say; different strokes for different folks abi. 

Gotta run, I have some fabrics that I have prepped and in 3D mode ready for my next projects...can't wait to finish and share pictures ;)

Thank you so much for stopping by and enjoy the Easter holidays.


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