More from the archives of Gidan Nodza... I actually forgot that I made this bag; it was that long time Ago, as you can see I hadn’t moved up to using leather yet I was still finding my feet major when I made this bag. A friend of mine Kemi ordered for it and I was so nervous delivering the bag… but she actually liked it enough to order for another one, I’ll see if I can find the picture of that one cos I wasn’t very good at keeping records/pictures then but I’ll search for it but if I don’t find it I’m sooo sure I’ll find something else. This bag is a messenger bag, I can’t remember the size at all but from the pix it is a fairly sized bag, the handle strap is adjustable and the canvas used was padded to make bag sturdy enough to sit by itself, bag zips close with a zipped pouch inside.

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