22 Jul 2014

Fabric Dyeing, Custom Orders and then some

Fabrics of the moment

Its going to be a busy couple of days here at GN. I have some custom request to take care of and in between that I have to check with my leather supplier for some black leather she promised I would get tomorrow, after a number of visits and rejecting what she showed me she promised to surprise me tomorrow... well here is hoping. 

Anyways find below pictures of what I've been up to and what I will be busy doing for the next couple of days.  

Picture story of my process of dyeing the fabrics I use for my projects.

 January Bag and Patchwork Aduke bag loading...

They are ready!!!  Remember I wrote about them here, well these Joxy clutches will be renamed. More on that later. 

So gotta run, those bags won't make themselves will they? *sigh, sometimes I wish though* 

As always, thank you so much for stopping by and always remember that the grass might seem to be greener on the other side but it usually isn't! 


19 Jul 2014

Mushin Leather Market- Part Two

Read Part One here

This is an old picture...

Its been a wet week and seeing as I couldn't postpone my trip to the leather market any longer I had to brave the elements and make the trip, but if you know me well enough you will know that rain or shine I always look forward to visiting Mushin leather market. Unfortunately the rain at the market today was particularly heavy, everywhere was muddy, murky, messy and then some, I couldn't take pictures because most stalls were packed to the brim with customers waiting for the rain to ease up and of course our good ole electric power suppliers used the rain as an excuse to cut power...so imagine this- you have heavy rain, leaking roofs, wet clothes, muddy feet/shoes, damp leathers, a room packed full of soaked but body heat generating artisans, a sprinkling of wet HAIR weaves (I have locks by the way which I wash every week *straight face*) ... So, get the picture? That scenario is not a perfect picture moment, its a wonder I was able to get anything at all...although for me it was a do or DIE! I cannot brave the elements to go to the market and then get back home empty handed, I rolled up my jeans, put all my valuables in my bag, told my locks to prepare for the worst and went ahead to complete my mission! Which didn't turn out so well because I ended up forgetting some of my stuff... I was almost home when I realised that I was missing a bag, luckily I remembered where I had left it and called someone I could rely on to get and keep the stuff till I was ready. 

Anyways, re-reading this first market post that I did in 2011, I realised that not much has changed, Mushin leather market is still Mushin leather market, more shops have opened though (which is always a good thing) quality of both leather and hardware has improved but apart from that everything is still same ole same ole ...

So, check out my stash from the market below;

Bag frames, chains and rivets: Expect to see some frame bags available for sale soon. Loving those rivets by the way. P.S These were the stuff I forgot in the market ... I would have been miserable for a while if I had REALLY lost it. 

Cork soles, shoe strap pattern and rubber soles: Yup! I'm trying out new things...

Leather: I really really love the experience of searching, finding the right piece and buying leather *sigh* 

There, I gotta go. Gotta check on the fabrics I am dyeing and I need to get those Joxy clutches of yesterday ready before Monday 21st July. 

Thank you so much for stopping by and stay blessed.


18 Jul 2014

Projects loading...

I just put this up on my instagram page and thought to just drop a quick one on the blog. These are the projects currently on my work table, Joxy clutch bag will now have detachable handle... as clutch bags go, Joxy bag is quite large so we feel its only fair to give our customers options. I am excited and nervous to see the outcome... #theprocess #3Ddyeing #tieanddye   
As seen here http://instagram.com/gidannodza 

...I know, I need to change my cutting mat...it's on the high sea biko, so please bear with me lol! Thank you so much for stopping by and have great weekend.


Mushin Leather Market - Part One

This post was originally made in 2011, but to be honest, not much has changed. I was at the market today and decided to put up a sequel to this post...it will be up in a bit, in the meantime refresh your memory before then will ya'

I was in Mushin a few days back doing what I love doing best...you guessed it, buying leather! It was a wet day and it had to be a quick in and out for me, I was in the market like a few minutes past  8:00 am and out by 10:00 am (that is a record for me cos visiting this market is usually like a full day's event for me, I never get tired of this place, it seems I am always discovering new stuff... it's great I tell you) 

As far as I know Mushin is the largest retail leather market in Lagos (I stand to be corrected) where you can get both imported and locally produced leather and not to mention fake leather (though the sellers will swear that it is genuine) You can get just about any kind of leather here... that's if you are willing to get on your knees (errr not reeeeally or rather not always..but you get my drift) and dig through piles of musty leather for that greeeeeeat looking piece that you have been searching for all your life, just to be told that most of that greeeeeeat piece sold out a few days back - if not you will just have to settle for what is hung on nails and hooks, but trust me digging for leather is much more fun!!! I get most of my metal/bronze accessories here too. 


Continue for more pictures and tips on how to make this wonderful market work for you

This seller sells mainly shoe making stuff, but that's not to say I wont buy from him when I see something that might work for me

 This is Joyce, I get most of my metals and other accessories from her. The pieces pinned on the board behind her are samples of what she had has available... just pray that the piece you want at a particular time is in stock cos a piece being on the board doesn't necessarily mean it's in stock (That's Mushin for you) 
More of Joyce's shop, how she makes sense of all this stuff amazes me
See what I mean about making making sense? 

Over time I have learnt that to get the best out of this market, you have to;
  1. Have an idea of  Know what you want
  2. Have the time to search for what you want
  3. Never shy away from asking questions and always take what the sellers tell you with a pinch of salt
  4. When the sellers tell you it wont work, say thank you but buy it and try it out first
  5. See accessories you like? TAKE EVERYTHING!!! or if you are short on cash at the time, put money down on everything but make sure you go back to collect ASAP, chances are you might never not get them again
  6.  Fight the urge not to always buy the first leather you see (easier said than done I tell you) cos chances you might find something better just when you have run out of cash.
  7. Ignore sellers that shout and make noise to get your attention, those that have the good stuff wont call out, they will wait for you to find them after many hits and misses
  8. Learn to talk from the corner of your mouth to other buyers to feel them out on what you are purchasing to get their view on genuineness and price- some might oblige you and some will try to be standoffish- forgive but forget them!
  9. Wear flats or slippers, jeans/pants in short dress comfortably and be ready to climb, duck, jump, push back, dodge and where necessary elbow through buyers, sellers, hawkers, children, cars, bikes, goats, chickens... you name it hehehehe
  10. Last but not least (I need to sleep...it's 1:57 am) learn to take in a lot from the corners of your eyes without alerting the sellers... window shop in style while still moving fast on your feet - dodging, ducking, jumping...you get my drift
  11. Oh....and another last, when you see what you reeeeallly reeeealllly want... look bored, uninterested and almost angry even, act like it's not really what you are after but are going to make do with it anyway, don't act over excited or that way they will never reduce from the initial price (easier said than done I tell you, most times I get carried away and get cheated in the process, but I still end up a happy camper lol!!!)
On a final note (this is the last I promise) always take the time to be nice and courteous to the sellers, it cost nothing I swear and don't forget that just like you they are out to make a killing (so to speak) I have come to learn that you can make loyal customers too out of them, you will find that some that are willing to go out on a limb for you i.e holding down items for you without prior deposit, telling you what and who not to buy from, alerting you of new stock deliveries and such small favours... you know

Kai!!! I need to sleep. I hope to take pictures soon... I have been working and neglecting the pictures part mainly because I do not have a proper camera... there is just sooooo much a phone camera can do (even for a smart phone) So hopefully I should be able to take care of that bit this weekend or early next week and I will put'em up for all ya viewing pleasure. 

But in the mean time be thankful for what you have and thank you ever so much for stopping by and the support.  


13 Jul 2014

Keep calm...

I have been ill...I am back now yaaaay!!! Been taking things easy but I am now ready to plunge in. I have got a few 'New Bag Alert' and some give aways in the pipeline. I am also planning to bring back to life some old designs while modifying some old favourites. Gidan Nodza for me is a journey, please stay with me folks and let's enjoy the ride ;)
So, as we start a new week, I advise that you...

I am a big 'Hunger Games' fan and I cannot lie.

Thank you so much for stopping  by and 'May the odds be ever in your favour'


10 Jun 2014

Tumilara Bucket Bag in 3D and NEW STOCKIST ALERT!!!

Good news for our Abuja customers, Gidan Nodza now has a stockist in Abuja! Oh yeah ��!!! Ok, will get to that in a Gidan Nodza minute...first about the bag! ����

So, if you are not our fan on Facebook and are not following us on twitter or instagram then you would have missed the debut of these 3D versions of Tumilara Bucket Bag. The first prototype version was made with Aso-Oke here and after that version I made the all leather version hereThis bag is not too big not too small and measures approx. 10” height, 12”width and 6”depth, this roomy shoulder bag is fully lined and also features zipped and cell phone pockets. So, which of these versions is your fave? 
See details of our Abuja stockist below. 

Whooooop!!! Finally! Our Abuja customers can view, buy or even pick up their Gidan Nodza orders from our stockist shop at their own convenience. The address is; Laila Spa. No. 14, Oworo Street, 35 Road 3rd Avenue, Gwarimpa Estate Abuja, and you can call them on 08175575744 if you are expecting an order or, to confirm if they have new stock or even better, follow them on instagram @_lailaspa to see items available. I am so excited like you will not believe ��. Just so you know, these Tumilara Bucket Bag in 3D are currently in Abuja with our stockist and are available for purchase, so get in touch if you see your name on any one and they will sort you out �� 

Ok, gotta go, so much to do and so little time lol! 

Thank you so much for stopping by and may life be good to you and yours. Amen.


9 Jun 2014

Blast from the past: Nwane Clutches

I made these clutches in 2012 and it's amazing that it's been 2 years since then because I can remember vividly how excited I was when I made them. The design was a specific request for a no-nonsense customer's sister...which, in a nutshell meant there was a lot at stake I tell you! Anyways, read the post below as it was written 2 years ago lol! 

These clutches were aptly named by the person that inspired their creation. When asked to name them, her words were "Let's call this one Nwane because I love how you hold clutches just like you hug your sister or girlfriends" I absolutely love it!!! 

So folks, I give you Nwane Clutches, enjoy the pictures and I'd really love to hear what you think :D

You can buy what's left of the clutches and more here.

Please don't forget to follow us on twitter here and like our facebook fan page here for quick updates and to view pictures and post that for some reason don't make it here. 

Thank you for stopping by.

Sadly the clutches are not available right now but a slightly revamped version will be available soon. 


30 May 2014

Aduke Bags...the beginning and now.

Without a doubt Aduke bag is another favourite here at GN and like the Chiaka Bag, we've made variations of this bag. It all started with this prototype which I used and used and used...after which I gave it out I think lol! Anyways, years down the line, Aduke has matured and like fine wine, it has gotten better, the design has been modified a teeny weeny bit but all the basic features remain the same. Below are some of the variations and the most recent which is the 3D version is available for purchase. Just so know, all GN bags are one of a kind and cannot be replicated, we can attempt to re-dye a fabric but it never comes out exactly like the original (which to us is a superb thing by the way ��) for patchwork, the arrangement of the pieces are never the same, 2 people can have similar but very different patchwork Aduke bags/GN bags.

There! Now you have been well and truly edjumicated about Gidan Nodza bags ������, view the pictures below and check out the collage of some more Aduke bags on our instagram page.

Also if you live in Lagos, remember that you can now purchase GN products at; Weave & Co located at No 1 Moorehouse M Gallery, Bankole Oki Road Ikoyi, Lagos. The Curator is such a lovely person and she will make sure you have a pleasant experience.

Thank you so much for stopping by and have a fun filled weekend.


15 May 2014

Fabrics of the Moment

In my last throw back post, I mentioned that I was preparing the fabrics/canvas for the next few projects I have lined up. So, a few yards of canvas + a bit of waxing and several colours of dye later, my fabrics are ready for use...yippee!!! So now the real work begins but make no mistake, I am looking forward to every bit of it *stole some of these lines from my instagram post, yes! I'm feeling very post-lazy like that ����*. I wonder if anyone can guess at least 3 bags that will come out of this pile. Ok, gotta go, lots to do and so little time. 

Ooohhh...to read other "Fabrics of the Moment post" please visit here, here and here to read about our humble dyeing beginnings and also to see how our style of dyeing amongst other things ☺️☺️ have evolved. I swear the before before post have not been edited o... you will read them as I wrote them then lol! #myyangadonfinish 

Thank you so much for stopping by and may life be good to you and yours.


8 May 2014

#throwbackthursday: Frame purse...frame of mind

I am so busy right now sourcing and preparing fabrics as well as taking care of custom orders and sooooo as not to be called out for lack of post (you know yourself :p) I've decided to bump up some old old post I did way back when...I like to look at it as the era when I was not afraid to take risk hehehehe...cos I am so chicken now like you will not believe lol!

So, read the post as it was written then. 

I have been fascinated with frame bags for a while and of course I though that you had to be a guru to know how to actually make one but thanks to u-handblog who in her post "Purse frames de-mystified (aka. Laundry Day clutch purse) Tutorial" shared the secrets of how to actually construct one, and after a couple of disastrous attempts (see here) I finally got the hang of it... So, I share with you my first two SUCCESSFUL attempts, whatcha think?

It's funny how after you've scaled a particular hurdle you start to think "so what was the big deal?" yep...that's me being very big headed hahaha.

Unfortunately I never got round to making more frame bags but fingers crossed that I will stop procrastinating and use up the frames I've been hoarding all these years lol! Would love to hear your thoughts though. Thank you so much for stopping by and may your reality be far bigger than your dreams.


25 Apr 2014

Blast from the past: Another Custom Order Bag

This is the original Chiaka Bag that gave birth to all these other Chiaka bags Read the post below as it was made way back in September 2009 and see an instagram picture of some of them ��, oh and you can follow us on instagram while you are at it ����.

I had to take a break from the loads I was working on to complete a custom order request. Now this request was by no means ordinary because the customer was VERY specific, here are some specifics;
... I want it to be sturdy, comfortable to carry and very versatile (loads of visible and hidden pockets/pouch's), I want it to be stylish enough to go to the office but also functional to take with me when I go...
She asked that the bag be brown and when asked for the exact shade of brown she wrote;
I'd like my brown to be dark enough to go with black shoes but still brown enough to be identified as brown from about 2 meters away
She also added;
I want my bag fabric to be of multi colours (like Joseph's coat of many colours) I want this to be my bag of many colours so I can wear it with almost any attire I've got. I tend to lean towards EARTH TONES and not lolly pop colours...BROWN, OLIVE GREEN, BEIGE, COBALT BLUE, YELLOW, GREY, RUSTY RED, PURPLE, WHITE, ORANGE....
Now you understand why I needed to take a break cos I didn't want to have distractions while working... and I must admit this was my most challenging work yet. Dyeing the fabric was the most difficult part cos I needed to make sure that the COLOURS she wanted where all present and I also had to make sure the outcome was also pleasing...
Once I sorted out the fabric the rest was easy because she sent two very different bag pictures with these instructions;
the thick hand of bag 1 + the length of hand on bag 2, the external pockets of bag 1 + the large size of bag 2, the turned down central zipper of bag 1 + the tassel effect of bag 2...
So you see...piece of cake. LIE!!!

Like I said this was my most challenging bag yet. I was twice as careful because I knew I couldn't afford to make mistakes, I had a deadline and I dyed just enough fabric so that I will not have excess that I will be tempted to make into something else... I think I went over my sketch and step by step instructions like over a hundred times too scared to make the first cut, after a while I was like "what the hell! No guts no glory" and I am happy to report that the owner LOVED IT! Her words

I love it and already I'm thinking of other bag designs!!!!
Yup!!! Keep them coming I say.

So, back to work on the exhibition pieces. Will post updates soon...there has been a slight change of plans...

There you have it folks. Thank you so much for stopping by and have a great weekend 



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