Re: Finding my feet

I found this picture when I was transferring all my stuff to a new computer I just got. I was pleasantly surprised cos I thought I had lost the pictures. Hmm! though I made this bag like 2 years ago I can still remember the almost sleepless nights I had because I thought I was never going to have the bag ready on or before the deadline I was given. My friend Ngozi was moving to school abroad and she needed a new bag for the new life she was starting and I never thought I was going to get the bag right... not to mention have it ready on time. The bag is very roomy and satchel like (cantremember the measurement), made with hand dyed canvas and leather, the bag also contains phone pouches and a zipped compartment. Needless to say that I delivered the bag on time and Ngozi said I was wasting my time with my day job.

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