Fabric of the moment

The two pieces above are the next projects I'm going to be working on very soon...like in a few hours soon, both fabrics will be used for roomy bags... and a clutch if I'm very ...VERY... lucky. Both fabrics will be paired with brown leather, white thread for the brownish looking fabric and eeemmm... I haven't decided for the red like fabric yet. The top fabric was dyed twice! Why? weeelllll basically because I was not satisfied with the first attempt and frankly I think it came out better for it, Tayo, my partner calls the dyeing method the layering technique, where a finished dyed fabric is re-dyed with almost the same consistency of dye and mixtures as the first time... which works perfectly for me, I think I might do more LAYERING in the future...must remember to patent technique lol!!! The second fabric was dyed after the wax was brushed onto the canvas by different sizes of brush, wax was also splashed to give it that artisty effect lol. Ok, I think I will halt here, gotta hold back something yeah... So, check back for the finished bags and I plan not to disappoint! Gracias.

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