Yetunde's bag

I just delivered this bag the Saturday that just past so I can say it is fairly recent even though it was made and tagged like since last year. My friend Yetunde saw and wanted it as I had just finished it but she just got round to getting it a few days ago...don't ask why cos it's a looong story, anyhow she has her bag and needless to say she loved it and completely forgave that it was so late in coming. This bag is the first of its kind in terms of size because it is HUGE and will be best used for a holdall...maybe for that weekend getaway or that trip that you will want to "travel light". Bag measures approx. 21"w 16"h and 8"w, bag opens and closes with double zippers NB. zippers can also fit small padlocks to keep stuff extra safe...just in case you decide to save more cash and travel economy lol.

Bag is hand made using dyed cotton canvas, the interior is lined with dyed canvas and bag is paired with vermilion leather and bronze accessories. The side buckles can be used to expand the width of the bag a little more, the interior of bag has a zipped compartment and phone pouches. Also, the base of bag is studded for added protection.

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