Blue loves pink!

Check out this bag I made centuries ago's been soo long it feels like centuries, you can tell from the photography that Gidan Nodza has come a long way, beside the bag is my trusted old girl, my singer industrial machine, from the looks of her you can tell she's well used (second hand) and I love her to bits though we both have our moments. Now back to the bag, the navy blue/blue dyed canvas was paired with crocodile embossed leather and further excited with pink nylon thread, I think pink and navy blue or deep shade of blue look/work well together, I think I will try this combo again I have a navy blue/blue canvas I just dyed sooo... gosh I keep digressing, the bag is roomy tote like and lined with plain pink dyed canvas lining, silver accessories were used, YES!! I will re-do this combo (blue canvas and pink thread that is) might even do another version of this bag....whatcha think?

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