Win a clutch bag for your two humps...I mean two cents

I completed this bag a couple of hours ago, not satisfied with the overall structural look I've decided to make it my arm candy of the moment just to see how it will hold. I've had the sketch of this bag for a very long time in my sketch book but didn't feel ready to try it out till now. At first glance the size of the bag and the two different ways of carrying it seems OK, variety is spice aye but the big question is will the "humps" work? It seems like it will sit well on it's own and all... but all that will be determined after I've manhandled it a couple of times then we'll know if it's a keeper. The combination of canvas, leather, lining and thread is great, though that is not in contention. (but I guess in using this bag as a test everything is) So, if you have the time please let me know your two cents about what you think of the design "yay" or "nay" and your reason(s) I'll give whosoever I agree with... wholeheartedly a small clutch bag which I will make with what is left of the canvas (but different leather though cos I think I've run out of this particular kind)
Check out more views:

Interior seems like it can take a lot though...

I'll use this bag faithfully for a week or two then I will post back my findings and decision whether to keep the design as it is or modify some more and in that week or two I will announce the winner of the clutch bag.


Anonymous said...

I really like the look of the bag, although there are two things I am not keen on.
1)I understand what u were trying to do with the humps but maybe you should not have done it also on the bottom. my first thought when i saw the picture (before i read ur post) was "why is the bottom folding in". i like the humps on top but the one at the bottom in my opinon removes the wow factor

2) I love that there are two different ways of carrying the bag cos i know i get tired of clutching handles but is there a way the two handles can be made not visible when your carrying it as a shoulder bag. I don't like the way it looks just hanging like that.

apart from those two things, I like the bag. well done and keep up the good work!!!

AnyaPosh said...

Your bags are beautiful but they are obviously way too pricey. How have sales been so far? I believe that your target audience/market is not focused on the average consumer with such hefty prices tags, IMHO. However, very creative I must say.

chichi said...

The colors aren't complementary but otherwise it's pretty unique. I actually like the humps at the bottom bcos it makes it stand out. I hope it's as big as it looks to carry all the stuff that we women love to stuff in out bags :)

@anyaposh, I too balked at the prices when I saw them at her etsy store but I know as an independent, you can't always afford to buy materials at wholesale prices and that usually drives the cost way up.

Ola said...

The Hump is a beautiful and unique concept if you ask me.
But how well does it seat when you are not carrying it (on your laps on the Table)? How comfortable is carrying it with the single handle?
My thoughts: If you reduce the hump slightly it would seat better and if the flap is a bit stiffer and folded, one overlapping the other and pinned down, i think it would look smarter.
What say you?
But like i said before it is Unique



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