Custom Order for Nellie

Just got back home from an appendectomy which I had last Wednesday and decided to post this bag that I had completed for Nellie a few days pre operation. Nellie choose the colours and all I had to do was to make a bag that she can use as an everyday /laptop bag as well. The two pouches in front can serve as battery/charger holder or just extra pockets. Interior of bag has zipped laptop compartment, phone pouches and mini zipped compartments. To be honest when Nellie told me to mix the colours purple black and brown... I was like WTF!...but I must admit it came out all right, I think the particular shade of brown leather I used made a lot of difference, any other shade might make the bag look not as pleasing.
Seeing as I will be at home recuperating...for a while... I hope to make some bags in between so check back soon.


Elle Woods said...

i love this bag. You are very talented!

Gidan Nodza said...

Thank you Elle

Dee said...

Hi is this made to order only? my sis is in love with this bag and wants me to get it for her whilst im in Abuja for 2 weeks. Just wondering if it is possible in that timeframe?

gorgeous bag btw! i wouldnt mind one myself ;-)


Gidan Nodza said...

Yaaay!!! Thank you for the compliment. About the bag, I will need at least 21 working days to have it ready so the best strategy would be to place the order waaaay before you get here so that I can/will have it ready for you to leave with.
Hope to hear from you soon.


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