Adama in Olive green and Brown

I spent the last 3 days trying to bring the bag sketch above to life, so after cutting, ironing, gluing, trimming, coating, sewing, pining, changing machines, worrying, repeatedly asking myself who I was kidding and a couple of tears later followed by Tayo's gentle prodding and serious talk of how the bags look fantastic and how I am being too hard on myself Adama in olive green and Adama in brown with orange motifs were finally finished. Know that I am not fully convinced about the "OKness" of the bags but they will have to do for now, plan to revisit the design in the nearest future though. Check them out

Adama in olive Green

Adama in Brown with orange motifs

In all honesty, if not for the piping that didn't sew well (which affected the base which also affected the overall structure) or the top zips which are not properly tucked under the flap, the bags "on face value" look fantastic and the few people that saw them offered to take them off a price of course. I have decided to use the olive green piece myself as a show piece and the brown piece has already been requested for.


Sulihp said...

yo! this ur bags are the ish. i'm really into like trad stuff and this i think is what i ahve been searching for all my life. I am highly impressed..WWWWOOOWWW!!!!! how much do you sell your stuff.

UGANDA 21 said...


I got your blog when I went to help option (how to see and read comments). I just invite you to my blog (uganda21), there is some hand woven organic cotton fabrics that may interest you. Your design are beautiful, there may be some thing to do here in Ug.


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