Adugo series

Adugo in Brown 
This is my most versatile design yet.
It is named after my friend Adugo and rightly so too cos it’s a bag I can see her carrying, though Adugo will most likely carry it across body at all times and will occasionally use the shoulder handle and might never use the shortest handle. Truth is I haven’t seen Adugo in ages and though I have dropped the occasional “what’s up?” on her face book wall, looked through her pictures when I think she’s not watching, once in a while flash back to those university and Law school days and missing the friendship that could have been, and even though I realize that her taste in bags might have changed… to me she will always be the person that comes to mind where cross body bags are concerned... amongst other things of course.

This bag features; 2 easily detachable handles, easy access pouch in front of bag, phone pouches and zipped compartment in the interior. Bag measures approx 14"l 12"w and 4"d. Like all Gidan Nodza bags this bag is made with hand dyed canvas, locally sourced leather and hand dyed lining.

If interested contact me for price and shipping cost if outside Lagos.

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mizchif said...

I think you should just put up your contact details, it'll make things much easier.


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