Finally...It's ready!!!

Pic: Dyed fabric (already used)

Not fully as we would want but it's ready for use. Yep!!! Our website is up and running, it still looks VERY basic for now, that's because I'm the one tushing it up a bit with my VERY limited knowledge of html(s) and stuff (to be honest the hosting site is VERY user friendly...for basic efizi that is) We are working on getting a pro to upgrade the look and feel of the site, I want the whole know model(s)...moving (maybe, may be not) and all that good stuff!
Right now I have a few bags listed but will put more soon... I am soooo excited I keep checking it like every 5 minutes lol.
Let me stop yakking and let you good folks view the site here.
While you are at it please feel free to join our facebook fan page here, and follow us here on tweet tweet.

Have a fab week ahead...and yes! Happy Easter in arrears.


Anonymous said...


This is big news...this is a huge step in the progression of the business. I look forward to seeing the site develop and flourish!


Gidan Nodza said...

Thanks GNG for your continuous support of Gidan Nodza.

Anonymous said...

My pleasure!


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