More! More!! Mooooooore!!!

Don't mind my heading o jare...though you will agree that it's very a dramatic in a Nigerian movie trailer kind of way abi? lol!!!

Back to business, I have to say here and now that me thinks I have made and completed the last batch of wrist straps and cuffs for this year except for custom orders that I am already committed to of course (I gotta get back to making bags!) These wrist straps which I call wrap around straps were added to the cuffs I posted in my previous post. See similar straps made last year here and here.
Enough said...enjoy the pictures (apologies in advance for the blurry pictures...that's what you get for working till very late and taking pictures at night with just two 100watts bulb for lighting cos you had to deliver very early next morning...working on getting professional I promise)

So once again, enjoy the pictures.

Oops you caught me...I snuck in some more cuffs...

...and more.

Might/will have some cuffs available on our facebook fan page soon sooooooo if you like keep your eyes peeled.

That's all folks, have a fab weekend.

1 comment:

Good Naija Girl said...

Oh I love the flower design on the cuffs...your work is amazing!


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