Lady Safiya Handbag in Blue

 OK, this is the 2nd piece of the 3 pieces I have been yakking on about.  thing you should know about me is that I am not a girly-girly kind of girl, I never did cute bows and ball dresses as a little girl, I only wear earrings occassionaly, little or no make-up unless it's unavoidable, pants jeans over skirts (some most of my colleagues at work have never seen me in skirt for the 4yrs we've been working in the same building HA!) been rocking dreadlocks for 3yrs plus cos I got tired of the weekly trips to saloons and the constant worry over what to do with the hair. So, where did this blue bag with pink trimmings and pink bow over blue bow come from? Search me :-I

More pictures after the jump;

Ok, my un-girlyness aside I think the combo works and the bag is a winner. It's girly with some edginess to it...I think :-D... I think I should stop here now lol!

As always, be thankful for what you have and thank you ever so much for stopping by.


'Lara said...

Gush you are so talented, can I host you on my blog...please say yes.

Gidan Nodza said...

Thank you, and YES! you can host Gidan Nodza on your blog.

Joxy said...

Very nice, I prefer the brown though.


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