Out With The Old...In With The New

Happy New Year y'all, better late that never ko. First of all, let me apologies for the sporadic post, what? am sounding like a broken record AGAIN? *blank stare* I don't know whatcha talking about *more blank stare* OK...*clears throat* so where were we? Yeah, I was wishing y'all a happy new year and let me add that may we all do better with meeting our targets for this year than we did last year, what? you met all your targets last year? *blank BLANK stare* just know that nobody likes a smart Alec! Hehehehehe just kidding; who cares if you didn't meet your targets last year? (and if you did, good for you) Who cares if by the first week of the new year you had forgotten what your targets were to begin with? Be thankful that you made it this far, just make new targets and move on...live life and be thankful for every opportunity you get to enjoy more of life...don't sweat it just love it :)

Let me just summarise all I've been up to since my last *serious* post, Fusion in Abuja was a blast!!! I don't know why it took me this long to participate- serious dulling I tell you :( I sold out and also got a couple of people eager to stock Gidan Nodza stuff, also I got me a brand new sewing machine, it does not have a German or Japanese engine but it will do for now (will post pictures soon) All my apprentice had bailed out on me but I got a new apprentice- just my spec *wink* and we seem to be getting along just fine, also the interview I did with Mo Abudu on Moments With Mo finally aired on M-Net.... and all I can say is that I am still replying mails and my waiting list keeps getting longer *wink* and the final icing on the cake :D, I got married... sorry I'm just breaking the news to you guys on blogville like that... but I am kinda private like that :) 

So, what can I say? There have been a few hits and misses but all in all,  Allah has been kind and merciful and for that I say Thank you and pray that this year is better not just for me and my family but for all of us, may I be writing a similar post this time next year...well maybe earlier than the 9th day of the new year lol! (and with different and better summaries of course) and may you all be reading it this time next year too, Amen!

The song and video below is dedicated to all of you. My supporters, followers, facebook fans et al  you will never know how much your support, comments and encouragement has kept me going, may your well(s) never run dry, Amen.

 I love the song and absolutely love the simplicity of the video too. Please watch it, listen and enjoy.


Good Naija Girl said...

Congratulations on your marriage, Amina! That's wonderful news and I'm very happy for you. I'm also happy to hear about your interview with Mo and the fact that you're dealing with a super long waiting list AND people interested in selling your stuff! This is wonderful.

Amen to your prayer for us all!

Ibifiri Kamson said...

congrats again once again.
wow you were sold out in fusion.
chei i am so happy for me.
keep it up sister.

chichi said...

Congratulations Amina!!!!!!! I was slighlty sad that you didn't respond to my email but I'm even happier to read all this good news you just shared!! Wow!! May 2012 be even greater than 2011 for you. My friends in Abuja have been asking me where I got my bag, please announce next time you're going so I can send them to you.

Amina Adefala said...

Thank you guys :D


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