Dinah Bag

Made this a while back and a customer asked for a customized version but this time with center compartment. I would say we have it in the bag yeah :D (pun intended)

 Interior view with center compartment

The bag above has detachable long strap and will fit your laptop snugly....that's if your laptop is not larger than a kitchen sink that is lol!

Its a new week, so what are you guys going to be up to this week? Whatever it is make sure you keep it safe and and I pray that God continues to bless your hustle. 

Thank you very much for stopping.


Anonymous said...

You are so talented, you are more than talented!

Gidan Nodza said...

Thank you Funmi for stopping by, I feel so humbled.

dosh said...

Your bags are sooooo beautiful... Let me arrange my pocket first, i would love to place an order. We'll figure out how to deliver it when i'm ready sha lol.

May the Lord keep blessing the work of your hands

Gidan Nodza said...

@ Dosh: Ready when ever you are ;)

Amen to your prayers, thank you for the comment and thank you ever so much for stopping by.


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