Lady Safiya In All Her Glory

Happy New Month folks, wow! I can't believe it's March already :o Sometimes I wonder, as kids did time use to move this quickly or is it because as an adult, there are a lot more things to do and at stake such that before you take a breather it's half way into the year ALREADY!!! and you haven't even seen that movie (that is now old) yet...or tried out the Chinese restaurant that just opened near your street...or read that novel...or or GOSH!!! So much to do so little time *sigh* I wonder what "time" is trying to catch up with rushing off like this.

Moving on... I promised to post the full pictures of the Lady Safiya bags that I did months ago so here goes. I made three versions, for one version the difference is very clear from the others, and the remaining two have a slight tinsy winsy difference (apart from size, leather type and belt(s) placement, which are very obvious...DUH :p!) that can easily be missed unless you made the bags or you are in possession of both and even then you have to look closely :p

 All three versions

See more pictures after the jump and who knows you might be able to see the slight difference in the close-up pictures





 Top interior view with clear look @ key ring holder

 Interior has a zipped compartment (as seen in picture), two phone pouches, an extra pouch (as seen in picture) and a key ring holder

Looking at the close-up pictures now, the difference between the almost-similar-two is not so un-obvious now. So, go ahead do you think you can tell me what the slight tinsy winsy difference is? You never know I just might make it worth your effort ;-)

As always, thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend ahead



Pee said...

I know its cliche but 'you're good at what you do!' I just love your attention to details (its your job afterall), goodluck and I hope one of these gets named after me.
P.S: I'll be back to spot the differences later :-D

Pee said...

The difference I noticed is in the fasteners.

Ginger said...

I think the difference is in the bag shape. One is straight the others are curvy.

I love your attention to detail. good job!

Gidan Nodza said...

@Pee: Thank you and errrrr NO! The difference is not the fasteners, nice try though :D

Gidan Nodza said...

@Ginger: Thanks babe and NOPE!!! The difference is not in the shape. The first bag is different in shape as well as lock mechanism but the difference I want spotted is between the belted two. Thanks for trying :*


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