Drool worthy!!!

I will so ride this bicycle,  Agbero's and Danfo's in Lagos be DAMMED!!! 

Bringing sexy back! Trust Dolce and Gabbana to make me wish I was Bill Gates love child just for the selfish reason of being able to buy this mouth watering healthy mode of transportation without even thinking twice abourrit. I can see me giving the danfo drivers here in Lagos the middle finger right after I swerve in front of them on my way to errrrrrr no not Mushin but somewhere equally posh and sporty and of course EXPENSIVE to spend some more of that Microsoft money.... now I am really ROTFLMAO!!! Middle finger ke! I will become a roadkill even before the drivers realises that I and my posh bicycle are even there. No but seriously this wont be a bad thing to have for those neighbourhood and Allen to Opebi or Inter-Estate runs and errands. 

Pictures via purseblog

If unlike me you have 1700 Euro lying around and think this will make for a great conversation starter then by all means head over to your nearest D&G store to purchase, mean while I will sit here and dream of the day I will be able to buy my brand new, tear rubber pfaff industrial machine. 
As always thank you for stopping by and may all your dreams come true ;D


Ginger said...

That's some posh cycle!
If only they would knock out the last two zeros :) i wouldnt complain.

Gidan Nodza said...

I second that!
Thanks for stopping by :D


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