Gidan Nodza Pochettes...

Not long till we say adieu to 2012 and aloha to 2013... *sigh* Wasn't it 2011 like 3 weeks ago?

Oh well, before 2013 meets me here let me get to the point. I wanted to do something small, handy, simple and cute and I came up with this pochette - pronounced poh-shet. It looked good on and in paper form and of course I made not 1 or 2 but 5!!! Yup! I went all in. They were loved at the Fusion event but I know that the next batch I make will be tweaked somehow... not sure yet but mos def.
These pochettes are small but can fit your phone, keys, cash, card holders, pen and any handy stuff you need when you don't feel like taking your bag (yes I admit, I do have those moments) or you can use the pochette to keep some things separate in your bag...or whatever mehn, you decide.
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We will be doing an end of year give-away so check back errrrrrrr tomorrow...yeah I shoud have the details by then Insha Allah.

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May your enemies live long enough so that they may celebrate you.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

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