Busy Weekend...

It's been a busy weekend here, wet and busy. I was finally able to buy leather after the very long holidays from my suppliers and my new cutting mat and spare rotary cutter blades were finally delivered, yaaaaay!!! Work resumes in ernest.

Another Two-Way Franca Bag to be shipped off  within the week.

Didn't realise how much I depended on my rotary cutter and cutting mat until I ran out of blades and couldn't read the markings on my mat...my replacements couldn't get here fast enough.

 Patterns and Hardware: I am so addicted to working with patterns now that I make patterns for my patterns... Just kidding lol! 

  My trusted sewing machine, it is not my dream machine Pfaff but it gets the job done! That thread is duo coloured, red and blue- brilliant!

 Don't you just love the effect of the two coloured thread? Works very well on Black and any contrasting coloured leather. 

Thank you so much for stoping by, and enjoy the last week of the first month of the New Year :)

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