National Handbag Day!

Today is National Handbag Day!!! Thanks to the people at Purseblog who went about the process of officially registering the occasion and creating a handbag day- Imagine that. So now there is an official day for handbag lovers to celebrate their obsession without being judged. You know what to do right?... You have to celebrate this moment in history by doing the only thing that would make sense, yup! yup!! yup!!! visit our website here to buy a handmade arm candy or, if you are in Lagos, Nigeria just walk into Weave & Co at No 1 Moorhouse M-Gallery; Bankole Oki Road Ikoyi Lagos, buy a GN handbag and show the world that you are not all talk about your obsession hehehehe... 

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we at GN will do a post-National Handbag Day give away, we are trying out a new clutch design and it might be the item for the give-away sooo check back soon cos you certainly would not want to miss this. 

Gotta run, thank you so much for stopping by and oh! Have a greeeeeat handbag day!!! 

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