Blast from the past: Missie Shoulder Bag

Throw way way back Thursday. Read the post below as I wrote it then lol!

This is 'Missie' another latest from Gidan Nodza made with hand dyed canvas and red leather. Making Missie wasn’t easy especially the leather strips, some strips didn’t come out right and had to be repeated several times, not so funny I tell you especially where the condemned strips were almost as much as the pieces that came out right. I have a strip cutter mind you, but I never seem to get it to work just right. This bag measures approx. 17"l, 9"h and 6"w which is just right because it's not too small and not too big, bag has two types of handles, the classic under the arm handle and the detachable long handle; also bag zips fully to close. The interior of this bag is equally interesting because the lining is hand dyed using the classic tie and dye methods and has phone pouches as well as zipped inner pouch.

Present day: Watch out for revamped version of some of the early designs I did while I was still fumbling around in my workshop...not that I've stopped fumbling though :D...

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