Joke Shoulder Bag...Chain up!

The Joxy clutch bag has been redesigned and renamed the Joke Shoulder bag. I have piped the bag and have also added detachable chain handle to give the user a choice of clutching or carrying but apart from that everything else about the design remains the same. These two clutches are available for purchase on our online shop and we will deliver anywhere! See my attempt at creating a look using the Black and Red version of the Joke Bag on Polyvore, what do you think? Should I just stick to making bags and leave the mixing and matching to the pros? Let me know and No! I won't hate you for being honest, I will just put you in my black books and be shooting internet missiles at you! just kidding hehehe but seriously I would love to see the looks you can create using GN bags 😉
View pictures below;

Black tie-dye fabric- red and black 3D dyeing effect-red thread surface stitching and red Saffiano leather

Brown and burnt orange tie dye fabric-orange thread surface stitching with orange Saffiano leather

Ok, gotta run so much to do so little time (am I beginning to sound like a broken record?) Oh well, it is what it is *big grin* Thank you so much for stopping by and may God's Grace be with you always-Amin.

I'm loving this lady's blog I will see if I can ask/beg/bribe/blackmail her into modeling/posing/mixing and matching some GN pieces ...hmmm now that I think about it, I definitely will *getting excited* 


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Nimma said...

Ameena!!!! Nice to see you are going strong with Gidan Nodza! Hmmmmmmm have you thought of school backpacks for kids?

You are awesome girl and you sound the same lol! Greetings to Tayo !


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