The J-Beautyfull Cross Body Bag: New Bag Alert!

TGIF y'all! Hope you've all been aii? I have been busy like you will not believe, and I expect it's gonna get busier seeing as the holidays are just around the corner yaaaay! I absolutely love the Christmas ambiance, I am looking forward to it, looking forward to the Christmas decor, the jingles, the good cheer and all the good stuff that comes with the Christmas holidays. Anywhoos now to the post at hand, I have made what I suspect might be a regular on the GN shelf *fingers crossed* For a while I had wanted to do a Cross-Body bag but I never got round to making one or two or THREE until now lol! I wanted something simple in design but practical and I don't think I did too badly *please don't hesitate to disagree*. Bag is reasonably sized, this feat mind you is such a big deal  for me cos I am a big bag lady...when I think of bag sizes I first of all think BIG unless I have clutch bag in mind but even then I think BIG then I scale it down...a little bit. So when I say a bag (not clutch) is reasonably sized then what I mean is that it's just the right size for your essentials... the I-cannot-leave-home-without-it-or-I-feel-vulnerable kind of essentials. To be almost exact, bag measures "approx" 9"wide 7" high and 4" depth, interior includes a zipped compartment and a pouch. Bag also has an almost invisible slip pouch in front, kinda like your 'go to' pouch for keys, phone, pen, lip get the picture, bag handle is also adjustable and detachable, the tassel and tag are all bonus. Yeah! all on one bag! I mean like how cool is that? Anyways enough talk, please check out the bags and let me know what you think. 

J-Beautyfull in 3D

J-Beautyfull in 3D

J-Beautyfull Quilted version

Just so you know, two of these bags have been added to our on line shop and so yes! are available for purchase. Just head on to our SME Market Hub store here to view price and buy. Remember you can also request for a customised version if you would prefer a different version or even an all leather version, we are game for whatever combo you can come up with 😉 Send us a mail to or just visit here to tell us exactly what you want.

OK, gotta run (I know I'm beginning to sound like a broken record) but what can I say? so much to do so little time. As always thank you so much for stopping by and whatever you do this weekend, stay safe.


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