Blog feature And A Giveaway!

While you were all getting on with your bizzzznizzz I got featured... Yaaaay!!! *doing the moonwalk* For those that do not know, I am very protective of my workshop space and hardly let people in but I had to make an exception for this lady and her crew. Yeah, she's cool like that + this is not her first blog feature about GN so... she gets an automatic entry into my 'cave' lol!

Head over to the blog here to read the post here. There is also a giveaway on the blog, a lucky winner gets to win a GN bag so move on over to the blog to read the terms and conditions to make you eligible to win.

Read the first post here.

Gotta run...still in the thick of prepping for the #fusionbig5 event. Read about it here. If you are in Lagos come 7th December and you have nothing planned around noon, why don't you come over and say hi. There will be lots to see and do I assure you, who knows you might do your Christmas shopping there and then ;) The venue is Victoria Crown Plaza (VCP) Hotel, Ajose Adeogun Str, Victoria Island and entry is free! 
Hope to see you there.


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