AfriMod: The Online Stockist with a difference

Gidan Nodza has a new on line stockist! Whop! whoop!! Now let me be honest here, finding the right on line platform to sell my kinda product (design wise and price point) is not easy. I find that my items get lost or misunderstood when sold on platforms that sell what people are used to :(. First, people that are looking to buy handmade accessories don't believe that my goods are "handmady" enough #confused... and those that believe it is handmade think it's too pricey and would rather buy an "Authentic Fake' bag or wallet or belt. I've had stockist return my items with these feedback from their customers, advising me to either reduce my price or use regular print fabric or even go to China and produce in bulk which they are sure will reduce the price *sigh* Sometimes I just can't deal... but this is where AfriMod comes in! 

Now a little bit about them: "AfriMod is a marketplace dedicated to "African Modern." AfriMod hosts independent online shops that showcase and market handcrafted home decor, fashion and beauty products, original arts and prints, and much more. In addition, independent professionals, artists, designers, artisans and bloggers use AfriMod StyleBooks to build and market their brands while spreading the word on African Modern." As you can see this is right up my alley *wink wink* My products will feel right at home. Also, the site is "Visitor Specific" which I love! As in, you wont be there if you are looking for mass-produced-low-quality-every-body-and-their-mama-has-it product .... no sir, you wont lol!

More from their site "Makers, irrespective of location (city, town or village), list and sell their goods on line directly to consumers world-wide without resorting to middle-men. As such, consumers are able to access a wider variety of high quality handcrafted products and buy directly from makers who otherwise would remain largely unknown to global shoppers. In turn, the makers have an additional opportunity to improve their livelihood and self-reliance."

Another plus about AfriMod is that our International customers can now see, want and pay straight away for items. No more back and forth with bank transfer/Western Money transfer issues like before. I mean how cool is that? Easy and safe transaction all in one package 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

Enough talk already! Check out screen shots of the kinda items you are most likely to find on the site. While you are at it, why don't you stop by our shop here, there's probably something there with your name on it *wink wink* Will try to update the shop often so please stop by every now and then to find that one item. 

You can read more about AfriMod and their goals, missions and all of that good stuff here. Also, if perhaps you know people that make great stuff but have no internet time and you wanna make extra income...I mean who doesn't want extra income? AfriMod has a great Associates program where you can sell on someones behalf and get a commission. Interested? Read more here

Anywhoos, gotta run 😄 Thank you so much for stopping by and have a great week ahead.


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