Our House Is Now A Home

For those not in the know, you can now buy GN items online directly from our website (that's what we mean/meant by the title of the post hehehehe got you there right? 😜😝) anyways not only are our products available through 3rd party outlets, you can get them straight from the horses mouth or in this case designers den, awesome right?! Just visit http://gidannodza.net click "shop" and you're good to go 😉 Delivery within Nigeria through NIPOST is free 💃💃💃 now how cool is that? 😉😉 Right now we have some #bucketbags #patchwork #flatclutches and more available. Come stop by, see what we have 😊 and most importantly BUY!!! Shop will be updated steadily so subscribe to be in the know #thankmelater #handmade handmade #Leather #supporthandmade #buynow #buyNigerian #madeinNigeria #showlovetoanartisan 

If and when you do stop by, please let us know what you think, suggestions are also welcome 😉 we are new to this managing-our-direct-online-sale-platform thingy so please don't hesitate to edumicate educate or give us some pointers #thankyouinadvance 😘😘

Gotta run... so much to do and so little time 😁 Thank you so much for stopping by and may your reality be far better than your dreams- Ameen.


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