Insta Blog: The Forgotten Pouch

Borrowed from my instagram post @gidannodza 😝*

#Throwback! It's amazing what the mind chooses to forget 😂 I made this bag and detachable pouch a while back and for some reason forgot about the detachable padded pouch bit of it 😂😂. Who am I kidding 😂 I didn't forget I just blocked it 😅 This is one of those custom order extras that makes your heart beat "extra" in your private moment. I was consumed by it until I made it, the request sounded simple, hell the pouch looks simple now but making it wasn't 😰 This was my first time attempting this kind of order, I had done the zipped center compartment kinda pouch but not the detachable bit.... One thing I knew for sure was that it had to be big enough to be practical but small enough to fit into the bag, it has to be an eye candy as well, should fit in and out of the structured bag easily and it has to be well made too 😨😰😰 shouldn't be looking like something extra 😒 anyways a few worries later the pouch was made, customer loved it 🙌 and yours truly conveniently forgot about it until the archives of Flickr reminded me 😮😱😱I mean who still uses Flickr? Hehehe 😜😝😝 #Ikid 😂 but you gotta admit, it's a good throwback though and a great looking pouch too😉 now I wonder why I was so worried 😕 hmm... oh well see more pictures below 🚶 🚶 🚶

There! It is done 😁😁😁, gotta run 🏃🏃🏃 till the next post 😰. Thank you so much for stopping by, may the Universe be kind to you Amen💐


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iam sultana said...

Wow dis looks imported! I love it!!


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