Forgotten Gems

Original post on instagram @gidannodza 😄

Sometimes I marvel at the "gems" I have stashed/hidden away in my #hardware cupboard. Bought on a whim and kept to be used when the "inspiration hits" 😁😁 but alas...many years down the line they remain hidden away in dust covered storage containers to be moved about as we reach for the familiar, base worn, cracked lid and sometimes food stained storage containers for those safe hardwares we use to keep up with the Joneses in this #selftaught, #handmade, small business, big dreams life. There! I've said it...I'm a closet hoarder 😂😂😂 #IswearIcantstophoardinghardwares. So, show's over folks 😝😝 back to regular programming 

It's a very VERY raining wet Saturday here in Lagos Nigeria, hope you are dry and warm wherever you are 😊 #favouritetimeofyear #rainfordays #rainlover 

#behindthescene #supporthandmade #smallbeginnings #handmadelife #closeup #Gems 

Gotta go, can't stay too long on blogville, social media is calling 😜😜🏃🏃🏃 I'm kidding 😂😂. Thank you for stopping by 😄 May the universe be kind to you always 🙏.


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