Brownie Re-loaded

I want to share with you all the pictures of the bag I delivered yesterday. This is the third of it's kind I've made and delivered after Brownie from The Book Series, sorry no pixs of the last two but one was black and the other was reddish brown... seems the reddish brown is quite popular, not that I'm complaining. This particular one was a little bit smaller than the others though I think I will stick to this size except otherwise specified, the bag is big but not in your face like, I remember the Lady I sold Brownie to was like "gosh! it bigger in real life than it looked in the picture" but she kept it and is loving it right now I'm sure. The size is approx. 20"w 14"h and 6"d, unfortunately I took the pictures myself and I didn't know how to set the camera on timer...besides I don't have a tripod soooo I couldn't model the bag. The lining is hand dyed canvas lining as usual though not the regular tie dye method but loosely scrunched, the camera flash makes it comes off looking like it was dyed plain, bag contains zipped compartment and phone pouches.
I'm liking this bag and thinking maybe I'll make one for myself, believe you me this bag will get peoples attention it will do well for just about anything, shopping, school, laundry (I can give it a zip for added safety if you like), beach and the list goes on.


You can specify the colour and what you want written on your own version of brownie, be it poem, verse/chapter from a favorite book, story or sweet nothings for that special someone lol!

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