I got featured...

Yep!!! my girl who owns Urbanknit featured me on her blog, now if you are looking for that unique piece of accessory that is funky and also HANDMADE, urbanknit is the place, I love her stuff and also a regular visitor to her blog and shop. So you can imagine my surprise and awe when I saw this...usually the first thing I do when I wake up and when I'm not working the morning shift (that is when our Power Holding Company "NEPA" graces us with power supply) is to do my rounds on the system...check to see if I've had any sale overnight (a girl can dream can't she?) see how many more visits I've had on my blog and shop, see who has updated with what and stuff like that... and there it was "me" as a topic under Urbanknit on my blog list, it touched me deep down.

Thanks girl... much love.

Read post here.

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