Wood Shaman (Black)

Another etsy favorite find!

Evoke the spirit of the woods with this beautiful mask. Hand sculpted leather mask dyed and sealed... CrimsonSpark's leather mask.
I have never been crazy about masks... in fact I've been known to be scared of some but this mask makes me itchy for a costume party, not just because it's actually leather that looks like wood but I guess it's because there is a certain earthiness about it, maybe it's the brown and black colour or the feathers and the beads (are those guinea foul feathers?) I cant really put a finger but it's one of my favorite in the Crimson Sparks leather mask collection. Go check out his etsy shop and you just might find your persona!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow...I think your stuff is pretty amazing. That mask is really well designed and emotionally charged.


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