I've been feeling down lately...the kind that drags on for days and days and makes you unproductive then I saw these and boy oh boy was I sooo motivated. It's all handmade you know. Who would have thought that knit wear would be this glam?! Makes me wish the weather here is as cold as it is soooo hot. Sandra Backlund sure knows how to knit those yarns, read about her beginings and goings on here ... yeah and not to mention the numerous awards under her belt (thank you simplyolive for keeping me in the always)
She is now officially on my top list for sites to visit when in need of inspiration or for days when I am feeling like I'm sooo swamped and cannot do EVERYTHING myself.


simplyolive said...

oh, thank you thank you!!

(it's so nice to get such positive feedback! glad you enjoy my blog...i try!)


Ladi said...

Fabulous knits!!

As for your awesome handbags. Get nominated on



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