Custom Made Bag For Kiki

My friend Kiki had a bag that she had soooo rocked and she didn’t want to let go...until now. I tried to make the bag as close to the original as I could but of course I still had to make it my own and I think it came out alright (I mean, if her reaction then and subsequently after that was anything to go by) Ehem... did I mention that the bag was hand-sewn to finish? My machines broke down while making this bag and I had to improvise...good thing I did because it forced me to study my Leatherworking Handbook which had been gathering dust on my shelf, how I pulled off the hand stitching thing is a story for another day cos I didn’t have the right hand tools to use but of course as an African Queen and a Naija babe to boot, I had to improvise big time.

Just so you all know, I absolutely love the challenge of making custom order bags. Just contact me with details and we will talk/write back and forth or better still send me pictures of the bag you rocked since when T-rex roamed the earth and we will see if we can spice/pimp up the bag for you (will post pix of Kiki's original bag asap)

The start up rate for a custom made Gidan Nodza bag is $125, that is N20,000.00 to you.

Have a wonderful weekend y'all.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Serious props to you for doing handstitching on that bag. It looks absolutely gorgeous!

I am constantly looking for the perfect everyday bag that passes my "arm test" (I have huge arms so I need one that fits over my arms comfortably, that I can carry easily without worrying about the straps slipping off my shoulder).

By God's grace I will order one of your creations, perhaps with my blog earnings (if I ever start making money from the blog). I just have to figure out exactly what I want!

Anonymous said...

PS - I hope your machine will be fixed soon!

Ciaa said...


Gidan Nodza said...

@ goodnaijagirl- Thanks are too much and looking foward to you making an order and just so you now my machines are up and running yaaaaaaay!

@ Ciaa- Thank you again.


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