And the winner is........

My apologies for the late post...I've beeeen so busy and my internet connection has been the worst EVER!

So, who gets the clutch? I used the basic selection method.

I wrote the names of all that 'hollered' on same sized pieces of papers

Folded each paper into 2...making sure they all looked the same of course

So you won't think I was partial I had Tayo pick a piece at random

...and...we have a winner!

Congratulations Goodnaijagirl you will get our clutch very soon, and to others that took the time to 'holla' thanks so much for taking the time, I am planning more giveaways in the future sooooo look out...who knows I might put up something with your name on it.

Have a fabulous week ahead.


mizchif said...


Saw my name and was already expecting a package in the mail. Ah wells!

Olówó said...

Lol, me too. I was excited when I saw my name in the first picture. Congrats Good naija girl

Anonymous said...

Ok, you have no idea how excited I am and how much this made my day! Thank you, Amina, for your generosity! Imagine: I get to rock a Gidan Nodza bag all the way in Canada! Woop woop!

Thank you!

Ladi said...

O my goodness, gaskiya, I can't believe I missed this after being a veteran reader of your blog.

Anyway, I think you should get and Linda Ikeji's blog to promote your bags the way they do for other designers. They are awesome!!!!


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