Exhibition Update

I know this update is wayyyy overdue...and I sincerely apologise truth is I have been sooo busy although at a point I was forced to take a break cos some essential FINISHING tools I needed and ordered for more than a month now were yet to reach me... so here I was with bags half completed and which could not be completed until I had my orders delivered...anyhos cut long story short my stuff are finally here and I am good to continue, exhibition is still targeted for end of month "I hope I survive till then cos I still have sooo much to do" So, below are the pictures of some of what I have done soo far during the early stages of the preparation I should be quick to add (my camera crashed after the pictures were taken...something to do with power voltage...If only I had the energy to sue PHCN) Soooo enjoy the pix.

I have successfully dyed these waxed canvas to...


I have stocked up on leather

Dyed my lining

Stocked up on accessories

Essential tools and some more accessories

Have a fantastic weekend y'all, of course mine will be work, work and more work...not that I am complaining lol.

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Anonymous said...

Yay, an update! Wow, look at all your supplies. Do keep us updated as you continue...it's nice to see some "behind the scenes" shots and information.

All the best as you continue to get ready!


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