Making Hermes bags

Hermes pronounced /ɛərˈmɛz/ listen here
I love this video! I guess it's because I love Hermes as a brand (though it comes second to Bottega Veneta) and mainly because this is how big my dream for Gidan Nodza is. I look at their bags Bottega that is and I wish I had a hand in designing and making them, their collections always blows me away and the weaving technique... I know I am going to incorporate it in my canvas somehow, I just need to learn how it's done...properly of course! I always get motivated whenever I visit their site, I
think know I will be the happiest girl on earth if I can take a tour round their factories (dyeing, weaving and sewing factories of course) to ask questions, hover around people that do the actual work, ask more questions, take lots and lots of notes, spend a generous amount of time in the cutting and sewing rooms...just generally be there for a while *sigh*

Oh well, as the saying goes 'A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step' ... I am still walking!

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Mamuje said...

A friend of mine got a Birkin and to the life of me I cant understand why someone would spend so much on a bag... its pretty though. Loving your blog'


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