One Week After ...

Its exactly one week since the last exhibition and I can say that I have rested well I mean I have more than made up for the lack of sleep before the exhibition. By and by it went well, so many people attended the response was overwhelming and encouraging. Shout out to my family especially my mum, brother uncle and my aunt amongst others who helped out in so many ways like transporting the bags to and from the venue, setting up the venue, arranging stuff, even dressing the mannequins...I was told that it's not an easy thing to do.

We sold out lots of bags...some designs more than some and I got orders to remake some of the sold out designs. You can still buy or order by contacting us. We will put up the bags available for sale soon on our upcoming website. So, enjoy the video!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! I'm so glad to hear that your exhibition was a success (not that there was any doubt!). Glad you're well rested now.

What is the next step for Gidan Nodza? I guess filling those orders ASAP, abi?

Wishing you continued success in everything you do! xo

chichi said...

I'm guessing the last image was of you and your partner perhaps!
Judging from this slide show you put together, I can tell that your work is immaculate and you pay attention to details.

Did you make ALL those bags on your own?
Well done, I will be hunting you down when next I visit, I want my own Gidan Nodza signature piece!

You are poised to do great things, don't forget the little people when your name makes it to the big lights!

Gidan Nodza said...

Thank you guys.
@ GNG: certainly filling orders first and foremost, making more bags and planning for the next exhibition

@ChiChi: Yep! you are correct about the last image and Yes I make all the bags myself, from dyeing the fabrics to putting the bags together PHEW!!!

Urbanknit said...

Truly phenomenal effort. You even make fabric! Wow. I will make it to the next one by all means. Keep it up!


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