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For a while now people have been asking about where I make the bags and stuff and when I tell them that I have converted a garage to my workshop it makes them eager to see it, I tell them it's small....just enough to fit my sewing machines and waxing stove, the walls have shelves crudely fixed by a carpenter who I personally think has no business being one and yes! I never forget to tell them that the walls have not seen fresh paint in over 15 years... or more I think (don't say I didn't warn you) then say they want to come and learn and I tell them that my space is so small that a person standing in the center with both arms stretched and a 12" ruler in each hand will be able to touch both walls at the same time, well...just about...seriously! You see because it is a garage when it rains for over an hr in one stretch I always fear and pray against flood, not because I am being paranoid but because it has happened before, when I work late in the night into morning (which I often do) I am exposed to mosquitoes and other err elements and of course I cant use aerosol cos it is futile, there is no door but a gate that slams shut but because the gate is as old as the house (20yrs +) the metal parts are rusted, broken and allows natures tiny pests gifts to mankind to keep me company. So, that said I invite you into my world... enjoy!

The machine partly covered by the fan is my everyday machine, I love it! It's sturdy, I love that it has a much wider space to maneuver stuff when sewing, I love the rolling foot it has instead of the usual flat foot cos this makes sewing round or curvy pieces/parts easier. The machine far far away is the first industrial machine I ever got and which I now only use to sew piping to bags.

See what I mean about the shelves...and the carpenter?

I know..the walls, I know.

I have had this machine (yes, the one that's in your face) for over 2 years now and I have not used it for one day. Why? Well it is a left handed machine and Yes! I am left handed but the world's conspiracy against left handed people has forced me to learn to use right handed sewing machines that using this particular one is a fresh challenge, but of course I will have to learn cos the guy that services my other machines swears that when I start using this one I will sell off the other ones...Riiiiiight... I wonder who has said that to me before about the other machines. Those funny looking objects/boxes on the wall are light meter, power switch box (for generator) switch box for the main house errrr and yes, the light bulbs that let's us know when there is light and since one bulb is lit it means that there is power...UP NEPA!

I wanted a large table that will help me maximize space i.e bottom part for storage, center for shelf, compartmentalized drawers then top table, so I got ANOTHER carpenter and he made this...it serves the purpose but not exactly what I designed, oh well...

A better look at the unused sewing machine, more crooked shelf, the garage gate, a long armed singer machine that I am sure is probably the first that ever left the manufacturing plant and which I also don't use now cos the stitches are so irregular and my "engineer" cant seem to fix, a regular sewing machine...that I sometimes use to sew the dust bags and other miscellaneous stuff and of course ...the walls *sigh*

It might sound like I am complaining but far from it, I love and enjoy what I do here and I certainly know that with time I will move to that "workshop" of my dreams, that workshop that has room for all I want/have and more, but till then this will have to do and for this Oh Allah I am grateful.

Have a fruitful week ahead y'all.


One3snapshot! said...

Everything is so organized!
Don't you worry, great things start from humble beginnings!

t said...

I am really not into "things" but the other day I walked into an accessories shop and saw an adorable bag with a huge flower petals cut out of leather. Actually there were two colours available. I felt desire to own a fashion item - something I haven't experienced in about a year.
Reminds me that I want to buy a Nodza bag at some point.
And I think I'm going to get those Valentino bags as well.

Good Naija Girl said...


Can you imagine looking back on this in a few years and celebrating how far you've come? I know it will happen and I am one of those people who has been blessed by following your journey!

I think your workshop is actually very neat and organized, and you have done wonders with the space that you have.

Finally: I have a soft spot for lefties...they are so creative! I should have known you were one.

Thanks for the tour!

Gidan Nodza said...

@ One3snapshot!: Thank you for visiting and your comment.
@ t: Hmmm Gidan Nodza in the same sentence with Valentino, I feel soooo honoured. Thanks
@ GNG: Touching comments, I feel honoured that you think so.
On lefties...we are known to be klutzs, mine is sooo extreme that it's a wonder that I've not sewn up my fingers or cut at least one off completely lol!

Provy said...

Hi Amina,

I really love your work.its simply out of this world!you are a celeb now in naija and am so happy for you.I also admire your humility alot.Please keep it up girl and may Allah continue to guide and lead you still you get there!!!!!

Gidan Nodza said...

@ Provy: Thank you very much. God has been kind.


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