More Claire Bags... and a song

A wise woman once advised her musician son ( I'm gonna paraphrase) She said "Son, when you sing a song, make sure it's a song you like because if it's not and the song becomes popular or a hit, you will be stuck singing it for the rest of your life" Fortunately for me "Claire" is one song I enjoy and will not mind singing different versions of it for a very long time (amongst other songs that is)

I must apologize for the not so sharp and very poor picture quality of some of the shots, my borrowed camera for some reason just refused to play ball, these pictures were the best of the lot...unfortunately.

Have a fab weekend and a fulfilling week ahead y'all.

1 comment:

Good Naija Girl said...

I can see why you fancy the song that is "Claire"! :)

You have a flair for photography!


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