Patchwork Remi

As promised, this is the second of the 3 bags. I guess I was on a roll when I was making the bags cos I started out with two bags in mind and while I was joining the patches for the 2nd bag I realized that I still had more that enough for more, I already had some sketches for this one and all I did was to make some alterations to incorporate the patchwork style/process/concept and Viola! Patchwork Remi was born.

Notice that the surfaces of the front leather pieces are patterned and...

...the surfaces of the back leather pieces are plain/smooth.
Trust me this bag is not as flat as it looks, it is roomy cos it was pleated at the bottom corners to create more room, so fear not all ye roomy bag lovers... I got you covered.

Apologies for this blurrry picture. Bag has the usual 2 phone pouches, extra pouch, zipped compartment and the key ring holder.
So, on that note I say thank you again for stopping by, please check back later for the last piece.

Have a fab week ahead.


Tamunoibifiri Mobolaji-Kamson said...

Lovely you are bag. I guess it went well, thank God.. So whats up? With me and you...When r we starting..loll. Anyways I love the patch work..www.secretlilies.blogspot.

Gidan Nodza said...

Thanks girl... I will get back to you on the starting part hopefully soon.


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