Gidan Nodza hereby announces openings for a one year apprenticeship programme in it's bag making workshop. Interested members of the public may apply if able to satisfy the following conditions
  1. Basic sewing ability and experience
  2. Availability for at least 5 working days of the week
  3. Applicants must be resident in lagos, Nigeria
  4. Oh and last but not least, love for loud music while you work
Interested applicants may respond to this announcement via e-mail to;
Please include a brief resume.
Other terms and conditions will be discussed after a scheduled interview.

Have a fabulous week ahead.


chichi said...

I so wish I was in Naija right about now :(

Good Naija Girl said...

This is an awesome initiative...both parties involved in this would benefit.

Anonymous said...

Amina, going places!

hannah foullah said...

Dear Amina,
Thanks for responding positively to my mail.I believe by introducing the apprenticeship programme, you are contributing your bit to development in Africa in general. You are an inspiration to me and I know for sure there are many others out there that love and appreciate your work.Kudos to you and the Gidan Nodza team.


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