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Hi folks! Long time yeah, I am so busy with day job and Gidan Nodza I hardly have time to do anything else, am I the only person that thinks 24 hrs are just not enough in a day anymore? cos before you blink, the day is over *sigh* ( I need more arms...more arms!!!) I am currently working on making 4 patchwork versions of Chiaka (Yep! I was not kidding when I said I can't make these patchwork bags fast enough) The bags are taking far far longer than I thought, I can swear that the main reason for that was because I wanted to use as many croc embossed leather pieces as I could lay my paws on....and of course I didn't get/couldn't get all the pieces I felt were sufficient in one day- hence the delay :(

Anywhoos I was able to steal some time away from my cutters, machines and mallet to grant an interview to this site that I stalk on a daily basis:) It was kinda refreshing cos from the questions I was sent it was obvious that the lady was not joking at all, I had to look my best to answer those questions I tell you. I was asked questions about stuff I had forgotten about, ideas I had and moreorless abandoned... KAI!

That said, I would sincerely like to thank JJ for the interview (even though it forced me to dig deep into the archives of Gidan Nodza) it was fun and I enjoyed being part of it !!!

So head on here to read the interview stricto senso, or better still go to just joxy to read the interview and other very interesting post.

Gotta go...so much to do so little time.

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Ginger said...

Hi Amina
Thanks for visiting and commenting!! I remember that scene too. Jolie was just too sexy for words in that movie. Alas she doesnt play such minxy roles anymore. pity.
Meanwhile I am quite honored that you took time off your creative temple to visit. Damn! I feel quite talentless seeing all your work. More nimble to your fingers!!


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