Don't Be A Stranger...

Don't mind the title, it's a note and reminder to myself about blogvile lol.

Apologies for the sporadic post....I will try to do better I swear :D

Truth is I have started this post like several times and deleted it half way...I will tell my self "you haven't posted in a while, try and make it interesting yeah :|" So, after several "writing and deleting" I have decided what the HECK! Just write anyway or at the most let people know what you've been up to.

So, since my last post I've been sooo busy cutting and sewing like crazy, what am I saying? I AM STILL CUTTING AND SEWING LIKE CRAZY! Working for 12-15hrs a day, I am hoping to show my goods at some shows and stuff and I am no where near my target so.... more cutting and sewing then :) :( :( :) :|

Now remember when I put up a post looking for an apprentice? Well I got one like four months before I quit my job and got two like a month after I quit my job and MEHN I must admit that working with apprentice is no easy feat especially if they have no sewing skills whatsoever! And there I was thinking that they were going to make my job easier... for where, I was way behind schedule and for the most part got most of work done on weekends or public holidays when I was alone, ironic shey? But that was how it was, I am thankful for the experience though because it has opened my eyes to some things that I used to take for granted. So for a quickie on what I have  learnt in this my brief "hunt for apprenticeship" journey.
  • I have learnt to be patient with my students especially when teaching (I am used to be VERY impatient) The fact that I can use the rotary cutter with my eyes closed and still make a straight cut (just kidding) or use my industrial sewing machine while standing on my head...serious :| (Just kidding again) does not mean that I should expect my students of barely 3 weeks to do the same (3 weeks is short right?) it comes easy to me cos I've had what? like YEEEEEEEEAAAAARS of practice so cut- them- some- slacks mehn. Shhhhheeeeeesh!!! 
  • Since they came to you *thats me* to learn, let them watch and watch and watch and watch and watch you *that's me again* go through the process of bag making (beginning to end) and for those that care to- let them ask questions.
  •  I learnt by throwing myself into what I wanted to do and perfecting my craft, and after SEVERAL FAILED ATTEMPTS and years down the line but with more *clears throat* successes as the years rolled on :D, it is important that your students see what you do for a while WTH for more that a while, understand why you do them, get used to your routine, drive you crazy with questions, drive them crazy with the monotony of the whole ish and eventually, they get so used to it so that when it's *practice time* the step by step/process (if not the actual act of putting the bag together) will should be a breeze
  • Let them understand the importance of practice but let them practice on their own time and use their own stuff to practice cos people tend to use without care mind you tools that are not theirs, so you are left with blunt scissors, messy glue brushes, stained table surfaces, broken needles, misplaced  clips, broken pencils and get my drift
  • Get it to your *that's me again :)* thick head that you cannot force what's not there. Suggest a way to do something...never force it, you will sometimes hear me say " whatever works for you" or "what I would do is" or "you can also do it like this/that" but If you want to go the short cut route...knock yourself out, I will not loose sleep over it (not unless you are working on something that's mine) you will get your own rhythm in your own time...if you want :|
  • I am sure I have learnt much more than I've listed but I guess I am too tired to tax my brain right now but I think the most important thing I should look out for when getting an apprentice is basic sewing knowledge, an apprentice should have BASIC SEWING KNOWLEDGE, I should be able to tell you *that's you now* "thread the machine" or "change the thread"  or "sew from this end to this end" or "measure so and so inches, cut and join it to this piece that is measured so and so..." without me popping a vein or or... you get my drift
*Yawn* I am so sleepy that this post is going to be published without me re-reading it *I believe my eyes are in a lazy eye mode* so pardon whatever typos or any gbagauns (as people like to say) you see ko ;D 

Thank you ever so much for stopping by and in case it hasn't been brought to your attention, Christmas is 45 days away yaaaaaaaaaaay!!! 

Good night folks, clock is ticking. Don't mind my post ojare, I might sound like I am griping but I guess I am trying to decompress, the learning process is fun but exhausting.


Anonymous said...

Sanu Amina, your hard work is paying off, and will take you places. I feel you, trying to tech someone else what is already second nature to you must be very trying, and I hope your apprentices turn out to be worth the time and effort you are investing in them. Wishing you continued success, well done.

Gidan Nodza said...

Thank you Justjoxy :D


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