Lady Safiya Takes Another Bow

This bag I made towards the end of last year, I guess in all the excitement I forgot to post or say anything about it, all I did was put it up on facebook (be a fan and you get to see many bags before they are even posted here :p) The owner saw one of my patchwork bags in Houston and asked that I make her another version of this and you will agree with me that it came out smoking!!! Wow, same bags but totally different right?

I don't have interior shots (my bad :|) but I will tel you the components: bag snaps shut, has 2 phone pouches, an extra pouch, zipped compartment and a long key ring holder for easy access to your key holder(s)

Not because I made it but I think the croc embossed blue leather nailed it for this bag, what do you guys think? Would really love to know :D


Fusion Lifestyle Quarterly Shopping Event is taking place tomorrow (Sunday 12th February) here in Lagos at THE GRAND BALLROOM, EKO HOTEL AND SUITES, VI, LAGOS EVENT from 12noon to 7-pm. So if you haven't bought or you have bought but still want to add more gifts for your valentine or you want to treat your self or loved one just for the heck of it, I would advise that you attend the show cos the outcome is always ALWAYS overwhelming. 

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