N'ne Wallets

Hiya folks....long time no update ba? What can I say, I am bad at time management and also forgetful when it comes to taking pictures and for some weird reason I feel I must always post with pictures, where I got that notion from I have no idea, anyways I will do better I promise *covers face*

Anyways on to the bizwax of the day, I finally got off my procrastinating behind and made  some more wallets. Remember these wallets? Well lets just say that these newer versions are GN wallets reloaded :p  I even named them...that is how serious I am about these versions, not to take anything away from the previous wallets but...
They are bigger, with more slots for cards and such, outer leather covering, eye catching GN fabric interior and even some Aso-Oke versions (I swear my love for this fabric is waxing stronger)
Check'em out

 Eye Candy!!!

 Two thumbs up!

 Made with Aso-Oke

 Made with GN dyed canvas fabric

 Eye popping Aso-Oke

Wallets and more are available for purchase on our website and you can view more pictures right after the jump

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As always, thanks a lot for stopping by and always remember to be thankful for what you've got because the grass is not always greener on the other side ;D


Good Naija Girl said...

Oh, the leather in the first picture looks so supple! Posting blog entries with pictures is a good practice oh...so kudos to you for making that happen.

Your wallets are beautiful.

Gidan Nodza said...

Thank you GNG.


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