Phone-Shots and Clutches

Hiya folks...I know I've been off the radar for a minute....OK, maybe more than a minute but no worries, I'm  still here and YES! I'm still designing and making bags behind the scenes :)

Truth is I've been working, mainly taking care of bulk orders or custom request and as always the products are ready just in time for delivery and snapping is really the last thing on my mind...but then again I don't ALWAYS need pictures to post ba? 
Oh well, moving on... see below a few phone-shots of what has been occupying me lately;

Bag Patterns: I can't believe that it took me this long to go the pattern route, I had always felt that it was going to be a much more time consuming process than going freestyle but I have realised that it actually saves me time (assss iiiiiif *rolling eyes*), the initial process might be time consuming especially if it's for a new design cos I have to make an almost perfect prototype, after which I will cut out the individual pieces as patterns before making the actual bag. Long process it seems but well worth it I swear!!! Now I an soooo hooked that won't even throw away scrap without making patterns of the scrap first lol! 

This is what my workshop cupboard looks like now, see my patterns hooked and hanging LOVINGLY on the door, see my hardware, leathers, rolled dyed canvas, huge bundle of un-dyed primed fabric I had planned to use for lining (40 yards I think), clutches I just completed (will post pictures in a GN minute)

Eneh Bag. I took this picture like a few seconds after completing it (will post fuller pictures in a GN minute I promise)

A rainbow of dyed canvas for my upcoming projects. Just so y'all know I dye all my canvas myself. I tried outsourcing this part of the process but.... let me just say that I'm not ready to let Nigerian artisans drive me out of my mind, our "just manage it" mentality is our undoing, mind you this mentality is not just peculiar to the artisans alone, our politicians, our professionals, our entrepreneurs and just about every body is guilty... something I struggle every day to overcome, anyways moving on...

Here is the first prototype I made of the GN Envelope clutches, I have since modified the design aplenty but the concept is still the same, I used 2 different shades of plain dyed canvas and as an after thought I drew the patterns with my silver leather marker after completing the purse :). If you are a fan on facebook good for you because it means you can preview the pictures and more here

Just so you all know, we have items available in our shop here and please don't forget to follow us on twitter here and like our facebook fan page here for quick updates and to view pictures and post that for some reason don't make it here *hides*

As always, thanks a lot for stopping by and always remember to be thankful for what you've got because the grass might seem but is not always greener on the other side ;D

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Good Naija Girl said...

Woohoo! I just liked you on Facebook. I can't believe you were free-styling each bag all along...someone was a glutton for punishment! Live and learn glad you've been able to add more efficiencies to the process.

I was reading the book She Takes on the World and in there the author recommends that business owners act like owners and outsource things that distract them from running the business. So the owner should focus on things like designing new products, maybe working on marketing ideas, etc. rather than the more mundane tasks (which in your case might be dyeing the canvas). I guess you tried to do that but don't give up—I'm sure you will find someone who has an eye for detail and who takes a high level of pride in their work who will be able to help you out.

As the Yorubas would say, ku ise, well done. You regularly inspire me!


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