Blast From The Past: Custom Order Bag for Kemi

It's amazing the number of pictures my Picasa album holds. I forgot that I made this bag till I found these pictures... Oh wow!!! Like I said in my last 'Blast from the past post' I made bags then without all the fancy tools that I now feel I cannot live and work without. 
Read a few excerpts from the original post; 

" another custom made bag for Kemi who asked for a bag to replace her one time favorite Italian bag...hmm! Though I wasn't given any specifications I wanted to make sure that the bag I make will be stylish, functional, durable...and not to mention a knockout as well.

Read the full blog post here

Would love to know your thoughts on our bags then and now...who knows, you might just be the winner of a re-make version of one of them blast from the past bags :D cos God knows I have pegged some bags that I am dying to re-do.

Anyways back to the present, Gidan Nodza bags are available for purchase here and please don't forget to like our facebook fan page here for quick updates and to view more pictures.

Thank you so much for stopping by and may your reality be much bigger than your dreams- Ameen. 

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